2015/2016 Awards: Awarded Projects

Paul Marais

Otto Cottage



The utilisation of construction technologies, on a cabin located in Botswana.

Otto Cottage is a small house in Maun Botswana made of natural materials comprising rammed earth, timber and locally harvested reeds. This water and waste neutral building minimises its impact both in its construction process and its ecological approach to energy consumption, demonstrating what can be achieved with natural materials in harmony with the environment, while being beautifully seductive at the same time.

Evolutionary Paradigm

Continuing development of vernacular building traditions - The project minimised its impact in its construction, with the extensive use of local and natural materials. The cottageā€™s seductive aesthetics belies its energy, water and waste neutral ecological approach.

Continued experimentation.

Placemaking Performance

Low impact technologies, strong passive design. The dwelling is situated on a desirable river site in a thicket of trees; alternative cooling is provided by well shaded thick earth walls, with an evaporative cooling system from the river, assisting with this process.