Gauteng City-Region Observatory

A framework for a green infrastructure planning approach in the Gauteng City-Region

Johannesburg, Gauteng


The Gauteng City Region Observatory’s research publication entitled ‘Green Infrastructure in the City Region’ provides an introduction to the concept and value of green infrastructure. The project adopts a range of methods and ways of presenting the research, ensuring that it is accessible to a wide audience.


  • A fundamental space-making performance and rejuvenation research project to instigate better policy-making positions.
  • The costing model used for green infrastructure could serve as a vital decision-making tool for municipalities and related stakeholders.

People Upliftment

  • Championing the collaboration of various institutions and local municipalities through research.

Evolutionary Paradigm

  • The idea of green infrastructure and the massive cost savings is really a shift in the way we think of infrastructure development — a world beyond steel and concrete.\
  • This is a real practical and empirical example of going green. A serious paradigm shift.

Placemaking Performance

  • Setting out parameters and possibilities for local contexts.
  • Dealing with real technical and environmental issues in a resilient manner.