Category A: Sustainable Architecture

A new building or group of buildings; the conservation, restoration and rehabilitation or refurbishment of existing buildings, historic precincts or areas.

There is no restriction on the building type, use or size. It is also intended for small-scale alterations or interiors if they are of exceptional quality and contribute to the current discourse on sustainable architecture. Although the project may not meet all the sustainability criteria identified, it should be easily identified as having specific attributes within sustainable architecture, worthy of recognition. Only architectural projects, completed and beneficially occupied by 24 March 2017 are eligible.

Conditions 4 entry

Any paid-up member of SAIA may submit work. The recipient/s of the award at the awards ceremony must be a paid-up member of SAIA in his/her capacity. More than one project may be submitted. A separate entry must be completed for each separate submission. The following information must be supplied in full:

  1. Confirmation of date: beneficially occupied by 24 March 2017.
  2. A full list of all the professionals/consultants and contractor/s.
  3. Contact details for user/manager.
  4. A brief description of the project, project constraints, social context and process used to arrive at the resultant design not exceeding 1000 words.
  5. For each of the four criteria (Harmonisation, People Upliftment, Evolutionary Paradigm, Placemaking Performance), elaborate in no more than 500 words per criterion, detail how the project addresses the criteria in its implementation.
  6. A brief comment on each criterion, on the project not exceeding 300 words per criterion from the user/manager.
  7. Consent from the client to inspect the work.
  8. A locality map with clear instructions and GPS coordinates on how to reach the site, together with names and contact numbers that may be required to gain access to the project.
  9. Sufficient scale drawings and photographs to illustrate the project and its context adequately in high-quality jpg or pdf format. Any audio-visual material should please be in one of the following formats: Mp4, avi,mov or wmv. The adjudicators may request additional documentation.