Category B: Research in Sustainability

Practice-based/action research work, qualitative or quantitative research project or report of social importance; technical importance or research in the field of sustainability in the built environment that contributes to the field of sustainability.

Conditions 4 entry

More than one project may be submitted. A separate entry must be completed for each separate submission. Entries should clearly identify how it meets the requirements for consideration for the AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation. The following information must be supplied in full:

  1. A brief description of the entry of approximately 300 words by the author.
  2. A full research report in Pdf format.
  3. For each of the four criteria (Harmonisation, People Upliftment, Evolutionary Paradigm, Placemaking Performance), elaborate in no more than 200 words per criterion, detail how the project addresses the criteria in its implementation.
  4. A brief comment on the entry from client or stakeholder where relevant– not exceeding 300 words.
  5. Supporting documents, such as photographs or visual material to illustrate the project and its context, may be submitted in high-quality jpg or pdf format. Any audiovisual material should be in one of the following formats: Mp4, avi, mov or wmv.